We are turning to you from "EPIC" summer school in Armenia.


Holidays are approaching!

For those students who want to discover new places, culture and nature, participate at educational, creative and sport activities while also being taken away by an idyllic forest-mountain landscape, there is a great opportunity ahead which combines it all:


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Watch the trailer to make sure:



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Students may become a part of an international non-formal platform which brings together more than 300 students from the best universities of the world: Europe, USA, Russia, China, Kuwait, Japan, UAE and etc…

This platform will give them a chance to get quality education along with a great opportunity for interaction, cultural exchange and friendship. The program is interdisciplinary in its nature so it gives students an opportunity to broaden their worldview by combining leisure with education.


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Preparation video for the first Grand Presentation:



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Summer School-Camp “EPIC” is a unique project which will take place in Armenian most beautiful resort Tsakhkadzor from 1 to 21 August, 2017.

Official presentation was about the idea of EPIC: You can watch it below.


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IDEA of EPIC Project:


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What’s amazing about EPIC, that it combines education with leisure in a nature environment, students get a chance to form the list of courses and activities themselves, and that it incorporates games training both body and mind, and even an open air rock fest and more exceptional events! You will get a chance to learn and communicate with worldwide top specialist from various fields.

Among the invited guests and speakers will be famous people:

Serj Tankian - musician and political activist, you may know “System of a Down”,

Garik Israelian - influential astrophysicist,

Henrikh Mkhitaryan - successful football player, and others.



We are interested in establishing a long-term partnership with You and offer a beneficial cooperation !



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See attachment to view the proposal:


At the end of the Summer School-Camp the participants will be provided with the certificates that meet international standards. We are interested in establishing long-term partnership with the world leading Universities.

We consider that our cooperation will strengthen the educational experience of both of our organizations.


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Why EPIC project is unique: click on the icons


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For detailed information,

please contact project coordinator

Anahit Babayan (coordinator@epic.study)

Follow the link if you want to Apply Now