The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics is the third faculty by number of students, out of the 15 faculties of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

Faculty I.E.R. coordinates Bologna curricula on three levels, as follows:

L1. UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES with 9 undergraduate programs studies accredited in three scientific domains, as follows:

UD1. Industrial Engineering with 8 programs of study:
1. Industrial engineering (in English language);
2. Manufacturing Engineering;
3. Machine Tools and Production Systems;
4. Industrial Logistics;
5. Welding;
6. Engineering and Quality Management;
7. Nanotechnology and Unconventional Systems;
8. Engineering and Industrial Safety;

D2. Engineering and Management, with a program of study:
Industrial Economics Engineering

D3. Mechatronics and Robotics, with a program of study:

L2. MASTER STUDIES with 23 study programs accredited in 6 scientific domains:

MD1. Industrial Engineering, with14 programs:
1. Quality engineering;
2. Safety and health in work engineering;
3. Integrated concept of technological systems (in French);
4. Design and management in manufacturing;
5. Industrial design and innovative products;
6. Equipments for  recovery therapies;
7. Materials and products quality evaluation;
8. Nanostructures and unconventional processes engineering;
9. Design and manufacturing products engineering;
10. Engineering and management of control and welding processes;
11. Advanced Computer Aided Engineering;
12. Management of virtual industrial enterprises;
13. Machines and production systems;
14. Modeling and simulation of mobile mechanical systems;

MD2. Engineering and Management with 5 programs:
1. Economic engineering and business management;
2. Quality in engineering and in business management;
3. Consultancy in mechanical systems design;
4. Engineering and management of complex projects;
5. Innovation and integrative technology (in English, with extra charge);

MD3. Mechanical Engineering with one program:
1. Safety and structural integrity.

MD4. Mechatronics and Robotics with one program:
1. Robotics.

MD5. International Relations and European Studies, with one program:
1. European Cultural Studies.

MD6. Education sciences, with one program:
1. Counseling and career management in vocational and technical domain.

I.E.R. faculty community is made up of all permanent professors and consultant/ emeritus professors, students, research staff, technical and administrative staff performing teaching, research & development and / or administrative technical activities.

I.E.R. Faculty includes today 5 departments:
D1. Production Machines and Systems;
D2. Strength of Materials
D3. Manufacturing Engineering;
D4. Materials Technology and Welding;
D5. Theory of Mechanisms and Robotics and
as well as the Doctoral School of I.E.R. Faculty.

Also in I.E.R. Faculty operate 6 research centers:
RC1. CTANM - Center for Advanced Technologies New Materials - one of the four centers of excellence VET in Romania, according to Leonardo da Vinci National Agency evaluation;
RC2. OPTIMUM - National Center for Research of Technological Systems performances;
RC3. PREMINV - Training Center in Management and Engineering of Virtual Enterprises;
RC4. CAMIS - Research center, consulting and technical assistance in Materials Engineering and Welding;
RC5. CCMA - Applied Mechanics research center;
RC6. ICIPE -  International Centre of Integrative Projects.
Also, I.E.R. faculty sponsors three training centers:
TC1. CPAC-CA - Center for the Improvement in Quality Assurance and Certification Auditors;
TC2. CECA - Center for Training and ECDL CAD Testing;
TC3. CEPECA - Center for Promoting of lifelong learning.

The I.E.R. Faculty 3103 students are enrolled in the bachelor and master studies and 298 PhD students in internship.